I was born in Bloemfontein and spent my childhood in a small costal town on the Garden Route of South Africa - a place I will always call home. From a young age I could not resist getting my hands dirty, whether it be a pencil, paintbrush, clay, papermache or fabric, experimenting with art throughout my schooling came naturally. The scenic environment along the Garden Route, filled with artist and musicians certainly set the stage for anyone’s creativity to blossom.

After graduating from College I travelled through Europe and returned to SA where I worked with pre-school children combining my love for art with education. The other driving force in my life had always been nature and wildlife – a passion that would unfold much later in life, becoming the center stone of my existence.

My wondering spirit got the better of me in 1998 and I packed my bags, jumped on a plane to the United States of America where I submerged myself into college life once again, exploring different ways to express myself creatively. Living the life of an immigrant certainly aided in new and wonderful ways of self-exploration. I graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art with a Bachelors degree in Visual Communications and worked in the field for a number of years but always felt that my passion was not being fulfilled.

My love for Africa always yearning, pulling at my heartstrings, beckened for my return to this vast and beautiful land. A career change allowed me to pursue my love for Africa & wildlife when I accepted the position of Destination Specialist at Eyes on Africa, a chapter in my life that lasted for 5 years.

Accepting the position at Travel Beyond in early February has allowed me to combine my love of travel & wildlife with creative expression. I travel to new and exciting parts of the world where I discover different cultures and creatures, big and small. This is where i get my inspiration - I find that a blank canvas can be so exciting when it is in the beginning stages, waiting for a story to unfold. Just as you start loosing your grip on reality, wondrous things start to happen...

Imagination takes hold and with the help of color, a thought provoking emotion can be captured in the third dimension, left for an individual’s interpretation. A Silent communication between people exploring elements, emotions and ideas - that is what excites me most about creating.